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The best way of doing business
Designed for Self Employed, Micro Business and Small and Medium Enterprises
Phone:     +44 0161 6378 745
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Registered in England and Wales No: OC368797. 

Registered Office: Suite 72, Cariocca Business Park, 
2 Sawley Road, Manchester, 
Lancashire, M40 8BB, United Kingdom 

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The business consulting services provided are available for UK only. 
The best way of doing business
Business Plan Services designed for Self Employed, Micro Business and Small and Medium Enterprises
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Do you need a Business Plan?

Are you looking for a consulting firm to prepare your Business Plan for submission to the lenders or banks?

By creating a realistic business plan you can secure finance and funding but also you can measure your business's success, too.
Thus the potential investors inclusively the banks might invest in your ideas, work with you or lend you the necessary money as a result of the strength of your business plan. Also the grant providers, the potential partners and anyone interested in buying your business will also need to see your business plan before making a decision.

Yes, I need a Business Plan!

We create a Business Plan for your business. 

A business plan is a living document designed to help you monitor your  business's performance. It always needs to be updated and changed as your business grows. Even if you use it in-house or for external finance, it should still reflect an objective and honest view of your business. Failing to do this might mean that you will have unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved.
Business Plan designed for Self Employed and Micro Business  Customized to your specific business 
Business Plan designed for Small and Medium sized Enterprises  Customized to your specific business
Do you need a Business Plan for Starting a Business?
Don't be afraid of the business plan process. We are able to help you create a Business Plan built for success.
While a Business Plan for an existing business may have a special focus such as setting overall goals, reviewing specific operations, evaluating new products or services, assessing new technology in the industry, or some other specific purpose, a Business Plan for a startup business it's something completely new regarding its  operation and its success. A Business Plan exposes a new business's strengths and weaknesses.
Do you need a Business Plan for Business Expansion?
Expanding your business is an exciting goal. It means it is ready to grow to the next level but a business often needs financial support to implement expansion ideas. A professional Business plan outlining the expansion details can get the funds needed to grow the business. Obviously, small businesses become big businesses through expansion and often business expansion occurs due to an increase in demand, an increase in efficiencies, new production lines, more diverse or international markets as well as the need to bring certain functions, such as logistics or manufacturing, in-house. Planning for business expansion is a strategic exercise which requires to identify exactly the needs for expansion. Then the business can stay focused on its needs and develop well defined estimates of the time and capital required to implement expansion efforts.
Yes, you need the specialized knowledge provided by a professional business consulting firm the more so as the professionals who specialize in writing professional Business Plans know very well all the ins and outs of a successful plan as they focus on writing these types of plans, they are bound to have knowledge and secrets that you might not have run across in doing your own research.Think about that their experience can benefit you through the high quality of your finished plan which can help you to succeed in achieving your goals, mentioning also that your Business Plan needs to be flexible and you should make changes to it in the future as the needs and goals of your business change, too. As a conclusion, you should better stay focused on your entreprenorial activity and your numerous responsibilities, your business goals and following carefully the plan prepared by specialists rather than wasting your time in trying to write a Business Plan... It is a myth that an entrepreneur is able to do absolutely everything by themselves inclusively writing the best Business Plan in the world! 

Try to see the business consultant writing your Business Plan as someone from inside your business who helps you build a successful business.
Small business - Less than 50 employees & turnover under £10 million
Medium Business - Less than 250 employees & turnover under £50 million
Interested in a free consultation?
Please call us to set up a free consultation appointment without any obligation to use our services.

You may contact Mrs. Delia Deak (Business Consultant) by phone or by e-mail: 
0748 259 9454 (call or send message)
Micro-business - is a firm with nine or fewer employees & turnover must be not more than £632,000
Self-employed and contractor individual earning his income through conducting profitable operations from a trade or business that he operates directly.
We introduce and refer clients’ projects to a variety of lenders and financiers that fund viable projects from $ 10 Million to $500+ Million needing funding in multiple sectors. 

Do you have an interest in a loan from an investor? Click the link below:
Smart Business Consulting Services LLP (SBCS) is a business consulting company specializing in the preparation of professional business plans and other business services. SBCS also introduces and referring client projects to a variety of lenders and financiers that offer a wide range of asset management services, corporate financial consulting, capital markets and credit services. SBCS is not a financial services company, is not a creditor or functor, is not an Authorized Broker. SBCS does not provide loans. This website is a platform that provides business information and the SBCS is acting with good diligence in accordance with good business practice and British national law, as well as with international law in its business relationship with customers.
INVEST IN YOUR BUSINESS  investment fund is of $ 10 Million to $500+ Million